RV Service


I am also a Registered RV Technician.

I am available to do light maintenance and conduct your yearly systems tune-up maintenance actions on your RV. Yearly RV service tune-ups keep all systems running as efficiently as possible and identify small problems before they can become large problems.

Clean air conditioner filters and water and refrigerator burner assemblies provide cooler air, safer food and hot water quicker. Have you checked your tire pressures or greased your wheel bearings?

Low tire pressures combined with excessive speed are a guarantee for tire failure. Blown tires at highway speeds often damage fender skirts, body molding, wiring and propane lines.

What is the condition of your suspension systems?

Most RV owners never look at their roof. Roof sealants crack and provide areas of possible water intrusion. Water intrusion from the roof is the number one cause of RV damage. It causes interior roof, wall, and floor damage as well as a breeding ground for mold.

Does your LP Detector work? Don’t know how to test it? The detector is verified along with a propane leak test is part of the inspection as well as a verification of all safety equipment operation and currency.

  • Items covered include:
    • Check roof seams and add sealant where required
    • Condition slide seals with UV protectant
    • Air conditioners
      • Clean filters
      • Clean coils and straighten bent fins
    • Refrigerator
      • Clean burner assembly
      • Clean coils
      • Check coil baffles
    • Water heater
      • Clean burner assembly
      • Remove spider/insect debris
      • Flush
    • Safety Equipment
      • Check expiration dates on LP/CO and smoke detectors
      • Confirm operation
      • Inspect fire extinguisher
      • Conduct a propane leak check
    • Tires and running gear
      • Check pressures and general condition
      • Check axles, springs, shackles and equalizers for breaks and cracks
      • Grease wheel bearings (trailers with grease zerk fittings)
    • Fluids
      • Batteries
      • Leveling system
      • Motor Home/Generator fluids
        • Coolant
        • Power steering
        • Brake
        • Transmission
        • Blinker
      • Certified fluid analysis available upon request (additional charge)