RV Fluid Analysis


A blood test for your RV.

Why take chances on the most complex and expensive systems of your RV when fluid analysis can reveal so much?

Consider fluid analysis as one of the most effective insurances you can purchase. Fluid analysis “looks inside” RV components without taking them apart.

The analysis will reveal undesirable wear, possible looming mechanical failure or just that the oil or transmission fluid should be changed.

NRVIA Level II certified inspectors are trained to collect samples for lab processing. I use an ISO Certified laboratory that analyzes fluids for foreign internal and external particulates. The report details wear metals, contaminate metals and additive metals. The report details the amount present, what the normal levels should be and possible causes for their presence. Excessive sodium may indicate the unit has been submerged, more than normal wear metals can pin point bearing and other component pending failures. The lab tracks all component analyses from each VIN. Follow on (yearly) reports will indicate trends from all previous tests giving you a complete historical record of each critical mechanical system tested.

Your tow vehicle should also be considered. We depend on our vehicles to tow our RVs back and forth to our adventures. Fluid analysis can provide that piece of mind that your oil is the proper viscosity and the transmission and coolant systems are up to the task.

RV Fluid analysis includes:

  • Engine oil
  • Transmission fluid
  • Radiator Coolant
  • Generator oil
  • Generator coolant (if equipped)
  • Aqua Hot / Oasis Fluid

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