RV Familiarization & Set Up Training


Primarily a service for the novice RVers or even seasoned RVers with a new RV.

I will meet you at an agreed upon campground and demonstrate and help you set up your campsite and show you how to operate the RV systems.

We will cover:

RV positioning (pull through or back in sites)

  • How do you back into the site?
  • How do you communicate with your spotter?
  • Locating the utilities and sewer
  • Position of the fire ring if present
  • Selecting a dry camping (boondocking site) and orientation of the RV
  • How do I determine slide out and/or awning clearances?

RV leveling

  • Proper wheel choking, methods and order
  • Manual and auto leveling system operations
  • How does the site selection and position affect leveling?
  • When should you use wood or plastic blocking under leveling jacks?

Utility hook ups

– Electric

  • Dry camping with battery power only
    • Solar considerations
    • Generator use and limitations
  • 50 amp or 30-amp service
  • What systems can you operate on each type of service
  • Surge protector use

– Water and sewer hook ups

  • City water use
  • Pressure regulator and filter use
  • How do you fill the on board fresh water tank?
  • How and when should you dump the gray and black tanks?
  • Winterizing procedures
  • Sanitizing procedures

Awning operation

  • Wind considerations
  • Rain considerations
  • When should you retract it and under what conditions?


  • Electric and gas operation
  • Efficiency tips and tricks

Water Heater

  • Electric operations
  • Gas operation
  • Winterizing

Furnace/Fireplace operation and considerations

  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Heat Pump


Most importantly: Partner communication during the setup process

5 star rating-01

"Me and my wife are new to the RV community, as we are less than one year as owners of a 40 foot Tiffin Phaeton diesel pusher. We were experiencing some issues when one of our friends recommended us to call David from Miles from Monday. He responded quickly and was very knowledgeable, thorough and professional in diagnosing and resolving our problems. I would definitely utilize David again in the future, as our past experiences with bringing our RV all the way back to the dealer have not been very good."

Zach Z.