To say the last several months have been a struggle for many people is putting it very mildly.  We have sheltered at home, learned how to wear “facial apparel”, hunted for TP and now have an ingrained idea of what a 6ft perimeter is.  Many people we know are facing career changes either temporarily or permanently.  The result in all of this is a major shift in lifestyle and we are seeing it firsthand.

Our thoughts during this time is wondering what RV life would look like “after”.  There were thoughts of a general downturn as people continued to hunker down.  But then there are some of us who looked further down the road.  I can say as of today, we are further down the road and the road looks like this……

  • You cannot stop the Wanderlust that an RV of any type can provide.
  • We all learned that Life and Time are precious. Do not put off your adventure.
  • Many people are choosing to travel the states via RV rather than fly or cruise
  • The market is now flooded with people who have never camped or been in any type of RV before
  • Some people are choosing to live in a stationary RV full time to try to cut costs
  • All of the above is causing inventory, new and used, to move at a record pace
  • RV’s of all types are made by hand.  The demand to increase output is intense.  Humans make mistakes and your new RV will come with a few.  Some small or obvious, but many others can be huge and not so obvious to the excited and untrained eye.
  • Some RV retailers are sold out of certain “high demand rigs” and it’s only the first of June.
  • The fever pitch of high sales means a backlog in getting your new or used rig ready to hit the road if repair or maintenance issues need to be resolved.
  • Rigs are being sold out from under people who have placed deposits to keep Inspectors from looking at the rigs…… this should cause Red Flags.
  • The need to have your RIG inspected is more crucial now than ever.

The Miles From Monday RV Inspection Team took a few weeks to live in our own RV after some restrictions were lifted.  We were elated to see so many new people out and about.  We watched those frustrating back-ins a-failures and successes, people using the dump station for the first time and we learned that even after so many years we have to start our own camp breakdown procedure earlier.  You just can’t NOT talk to people who engage you with questions and stories of their own adventures!  This is what makes this lifestyle so appealing.  The people, the fresh air and of course the campfire.

If you are contemplating an RV purchase, educate yourself, talk to people who are actively using their rigs and then give us a call.  We can help with much of the second guessing that comes with the purchase.  Our only job is to let the rig tell us its condition and the value added of establishing a relationship is just the gravy to it all! 

Be kind, pay it forward and it will all come back to you!

Your Miles From Monday RV Inspection Team