Football, Hunting, Christmas…. & now it’s RV SHOWTIME!

Honestly, it’s often hard to get excited about the dead of winter. January especially. But then you remember, Spring is coming, and you must be prepared. You remember all those campers you looked at last year but just thought, maybe next year? Well it’s next year and it’s also SHOWTIME. Starting with the Show of Shows in Tampa FL, the RV dealers are sparing no expense in showcasing all the new models for the upcoming year. Everything from a tiny Teardrop trailers to the ultimate diesel pusher. They are all out there. The RV industry is producing more of just about everything as this lifestyle explodes in popularity.

RV shows are a good way to view all sorts of camping/RVing rigs. The biggest problem is that there are so many, and you can quickly become overwhelmed. If you are just trying to dip your toe into the lifestyle and are intrigued by what you see, doing a YouTube search on RV Living or RV Rigs. You will find vlogger after vlogger explaining all kinds of information but there are a few things that you will hear repeated over and over. For example:

1) There is no perfect RV
2) Your 1st purchase will not be your only purchase
3) Strongly consider buying a used rig and let someone else take the depreciation
4) Have your rig whether new or used, inspected by a Certified RV Inspector
5) You’ll regret not doing this sooner

The best way to push toward your goal is to get out there and look. When show season starts the dealers often are working with people who will trade in their own rigs so this puts a lot of used rigs on RV lots to sell. Some dealers will have a huge inventory of rigs to move out. Various internet sites such as and also will see an uptick in inventory when folks want to sell at this time of year. The surprising place to view used RV’s without pressure is Facebook Market Place!
Just like getting your home ready to sell in the spring, the same holds true for an RV. In keeping with this comes the value of an RV Inspection. You wouldn’t buy a home (new or used) without an inspection, why would you buy an RV without one?

So, while you are shopping, dreaming or considering your first RV purchase or trading in for something different, get your tennis shoes on, set that pedometer and get out there. If you go to a show you are going to meet a lot of people just like you. While the camping is fun and the places you may go will be interesting, it’s the people you will meet along they way that will inspire you. So, remember,

Be kind, pay it forward and it will all come back to you!

The Miles From Monday RV Inspections Team