Horror or Happy?

Did you ever see those movies, especially at Halloween where there is a party at a barn and you are screaming at the people in the movie because they went to the wrong barn! They go look in the barn of swinging axes and scythes and creepy music is playing but they stay where they are.  It just doesn’t ever seem to occur to them that maybe something just isn’t right. Everyone watching sees the disaster coming and knows the Freaky Freddy or whoever is just waiting behind the old tractor to take his next victim.

On any given weekend in Anywhere USA you might think you were watching the same movie.

  • You see a family setting up there rig and children running all around but the trailer is not chalked even when released from the Tow Vehicle or 4 hours later when you walk by after a good little hike.
  • Living in the middle of Bear Country Florida, yes it’s true, the campers can’t seem to remember to bring their trash inside or take it to very convenient BEAR-PROOF trash receptacles.
  • Or the most common one we’ve seen, storing your sewer hose in the same compartment as your fresh water hose!

How do we help the newbies?  How do we inform the old school folks who refuse to entertain the notion that there may be a better way?

Perhaps the best way is to lead by example.  That young family will watch you when you are setting up.  They will see the diligence with regard to safety.  When you strike up that very easy campsite conversation ask about their set up checklist to see where YOU can improve….. I’ll just let that hang there a bit.

When you notice your neighbor leaves the trash out it might be ok to worry about their safety as well as others.  You just don’t want to open your door and meet tall dark and handsome on your way to the bathhouse.  Even worse—his wife and kids!

Lastly—that sewer hose thing.  Have you seen this?  You know when you are visiting with your neighbor perhaps its ok to show him your set up.  Honestly, younger families are probably just waiting to hear others experiences.  You never know, the trip, the kids, the dog…. They may be on their last nerve and you may be the calming effect that turns this trip from horror to happy!

Being in The Great Outdoors is the best part of RV/Camping Life followed closely by meeting wonderful people from all over the world.  Be Kind, pay if forward and it will all come back to you!

David and Robin

Your Miles From Monday RV Inspection Services Team